Dance Descriptions
for dances taught by Richard Powers at the
2018 Château de Ligoure Stage

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Dance Descriptions
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     Early Tango Improvisation  
     Social Dance Partnering Techniques              
     Cross-Step Waltz Mixer Variations  
     The Disco Lifestyle     
     1970s Disco Dances     
     Line Dances from Madison to Electric Slide     
     Night Fever line dance   
     The Bus Stop line dance   
     Playford's Jameko, 1670   
     Saltator's 1802 Constitution Cotillion   
     1855 California Reel     
     1852 Polka Cotillon     
     1858 Narragansett Waltz     
     1819 Amateurs and Actors   
     Romany Polka   
     The Borrowdale Exchange  
     Dream Waltz Mixer   
     Tango Mixer   
     Chaos Mixer   
     Charleston Madison  


     Richard's Upcoming Dance Workshops   
     Richard's Home Page   
     Richard's collection of dance manuals   
     Download some of those sources free here