Dance Descriptions
for dances taught by Richard Powers at the
2014 International Festival of Historical Dance in Moscow

These are either Web pages or downloaded pdf pages that you can view or print out.

Dance Descriptions

     Social Dances of the Nineteenth Century   
     1825 Ecossaise   
     Contradance Moskva   
     19th Century Waltz and Polka Variations   
     1847 Cellarius Mazurka Waltz   
     Video of Cellarius Mazurka Waltz   
     1845 Rock's Ball-Room Hand Book, Cellarius Mazurka Waltz on page 47   
     1847 La Danse des Salons, Cellarius Mazurka Waltz on page 91   
     English translation of La Danse des Salons, Cellarius Waltz on page 73   
     Hillgrove's 1858 description of the Sicilian Circle   
     Philadelphia Schottische Quadrille, performance version   
     Video of the Philadelphia Schottische Quadrille   
     Schottische Quadrilles, original versions with repeats   
     1859 Royal Horse Guard Quadrille   
     Sheet music for the Royal Horse Guard Quadrille   
     1856 Tango   
     Video of 1856 Tango   
     1884 Partners For Life Waltz Quadrille   
     The Castle Walk  
     1933 Rio Tango   
     The 1937 Big Apple   
     French Boston Waltz  
     Cross-Step Waltz Mixer  
     Castle Schottische  
     Veleta Waltz Mixer   
     Charleston Madison (line dance)  
     The 1937 Lambeth Walk   
     1939 film of the Lambeth Walk   

Joan Walton's descriptions and music are here.

Richard's Dance Music
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     Partners For Life Waltz Quadrille Figure 1
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     Partners For Life Waltz Quadrille Figure 3   
     Those are on Lexington Vintage Dance's
        Double CD of 19th Century Ball-Room Music   
     1825 Ecossaise   
     Contradance Moskwa  
     Philadelphia Schottische Quadrille, performance version   
     1856 Tango, Yradier Habanera     1856 Tango, Bizet Habanera   
     Royal Horse Guards Quadrille Figure 1   
     Royal Horse Guards Quadrille Figure 2   
     Royal Horse Guards Quadrille Figure 3   
     Royal Horse Guards Quadrille Figure 4   
     Royal Horse Guards Quadrille Figure 5   
     Fireman's Dance   
     Mazurka Waltzes   
     The Castle Walk  
     Rio Tango  
     Cross-Step French Boston Waltz  
     The Lambeth Walk   
     Columbia, S.C. Big Apple   

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