Dance Descriptions
for dances taught by Richard Powers at the
2012 Newport Vintage Dance Week

These are either Web pages or downloaded pdf pages that you can view or print out.

Dance Descriptions

     Social Dances of the Nineteenth Century   
     Grand Polonaise  (better than the pdf)    
     Schottische Quadrilles   
     Freestyle Mazurka   
     The Swiss Dance   
     Late 19th Century Schottische Variations   
     Social Dances of the Ragtime Era   
     Dance Fashions of the Ragtime Era   
     Skater's Tango and Hesitation Waltz  
     Castle Schottische  
     A few other dances not taught this week   

Dance Music and Videos

     Grand Polonaise music   
     Schottische Quadrille Figure 1   
     Schottische Quadrille Figure 2   
     Schottische Quadrille Figure 3   
     Schottische Quadrille Figure 4   
     Schottische Quadrille Figure 5   
     Videos of Schottische Quadrilles   
     The Swiss Dance   
     Video of the Swiss Dance   
     Freestyle Mazurka   
     Late 19th Century Schottische Variations   
     Maxixe "Down In Zanzibar"  
     Maxixe "Dengozo"  
     Hesitation Waltz  
     Castle Schottische   

Photo, Vintage Dance Weeks and more

     Thursday group photo, snapped by Bill   
     Grand Hotel Vintage Dance Week
       May 5-8, 2013, Makinac Island, Michigan   
     Richard's Home Page   
     Richard's collection of dance manuals   
     Upcoming Vintage Dance Workshops   

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