Dance Descriptions
for Richard and Angela's classes at the
2018 Seattle Waltz and Swing Weekend
(Richard's 19th Seattle Waltz Weekend, 24th Seattle workshop)

Angela and I hope you enjoyed the weekend!
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     New Cross-Step Waltz Variations   
     Cross-Step Waltz web page, with a video   
     Sweet Lindy Variations   
     Bugg and Variations   
     Charleston Kick Variations   
     Mazurka Clandestina   
     A video of Mazurka Clandestina   
     Sokkie Variations   
     A video of Sokkie   
     The Lambeth Walk   
     Early films of the Lambeth Walk   

Other dance workshops, and more

     My home page   
     My thoughts on social dance   
     My Waltzing book   
     My upcoming dance workshops                 

We have a Perfect Vision for the 20th Waltz Weekend in 20/20.
Hope to see you then!