Free downloaded music for my Stockton classes

Richard Powers

When I reconstruct or teach dances, I collect music from many eras.  I usually don't compose, record and publish it.  Therefore someone else often owns the rights to the music that I use.

I want you to have the music for my dances, but in a legal and ethical manner.  That means that I don't want to profit from selling CD compilations of others' music.  And giving it away for free—file sharing—is no more legal.

There is a legal and ethical solution, that passes on royalties to the copyright owners.

When a video is posted on YouTube, it's automatically screened for copyrighted music.  The copyright owners then have two options: order a take-down notice, or make money from ad revenue.  They usually choose the second option.

I've posted all of my dance music on YouTube, as videos.  All of the copyrighted music that I post on YouTube has been pre-approved by the copyright owners, who then earn money from the banner ads.  You get it for free.

How to turn a YouTube video into an audio mp3 or wma on one site.

Go to this site, copy the YouTube URL (from the bottom of this page), paste it into the blank panel and follow the directions to download it as music.  Done!

If you want a more detailed explanation, here are step-by-step details.

1) Choose your preferred audio format, from mp3 to wma, from the menu that says mp3 (see below).


2) Copy a YouTube URL from the bottom of this page, then paste it into that top long blank panel (see above).

3) Click on the orange "convert" button (see above).  Note that everything is on that one top line.

4) Wait for a few seconds!  Do not click the large DOWNLOAD or PLAY NOW panels that pop up below.  Those are ads.

5) This panel (below) will soon come up.  Re-name the file.  It might look like this at first, which isn't correct yet:
Click on the lower panel (name) and several options will drop down, including the full name, Borrowdale Exchange.  Click on that.

                                                      Or to type in your own names, or the artist, click on "edit."

6) Hit

7) Hit

That's it!  Now it will go quicker with each song.

In case you're wondering, ignore these buttons on the right side of the page:

Those are ads for buying downloading software.

Here are the URLs for my Stockton music

Instead of clicking on these URLs, highlight and copy them.  Then paste them into the convert2mp3 site.

Lambeth Walk

Dream Waltz Mixer

Borrowdale Exchange

't Smidge Belgian Mixer

Chaos Mixer

French Tango-Mazurka

Tango Fascination

Waverly Two-Step

Improv Contradance - Pinch of Snuff Medley