Dance Descriptions
for dances taught by Richard Powers with Melissa Enge at
70th Anniversary Texas Camp, 2017

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     One-Step variations that we did in class   
     More One-Step variations, if you want more   
     The Waltz from La La Land   
     Video of the Co-Waterfall step from La La Land   
     The 20 Cross-Step Waltz variations that we did   
     Video of the Cross-Step Waltz Mixer with Rueda variations   
     A thorough page on Cross-Step Waltz   
     Wikipedia page on the history of Cross-Step Waltz   
     Six Advantages of Cross-Step Waltz            
     French Tango-Mazurka, Mazurka Clandestina   
     A video of some additional Mazurka Clandestina steps   
             DANCES FOR KIDS  
     Swiss Break / Chaos Mixer   
     The Borrowdale Exchange   
     History of the Paul Jones. Ours is at the top of page 24.   
     The Cupid Shuffle   
     Charleston Madison   
     Wisselmazurka, Flemish Mazurka Mixer   
     Bohemian National Polka   

Free downloaded music for my dances

     The list as a pdf                                                 
     The list as a Word doc   

My thoughts on partnering, plus my Culture Session thoughts

     Suggestions for better dance partnering   
             My Culture Session talk  
     Dance to Succeed in a Competitive Marketplace   
     Vertical and Lateral Thinking   
     Flexible Doesn't Mean Sloppy   
     Partnering is like a Dream State   
     The Worst Thing Is To Miss It   
     If you liked those, here are nine more Dancing Makes You Smarter   


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     Our Waltzing book   
     My upcoming Dance Workshops