Thoughts, philosophies and musings on social dance

by Richard Powers, Stanford Dance Division

     Going out Dancing   
        Partnering 1: Everyone Is Different   
        Partnering 2: Great Partnering   
        Partnering 3: Sketchy Guys   
     The 3 Worlds of Ballroom Dance  
     Welcome Chance Intrusions!   
     Use It or Lose It: Dancing Makes You Smarter   
     The Worst Thing Is To Miss It   
     Conditional Learning - the power of uncertainty   
     Fred Astaire's advice for partner dancing   
     Dancing as a Dream State   
     Flexible Doesn't Mean Sloppy   
     Transcendent Play   
     The American Spirit of Creativity and Crossover   

Don't have time to read all of them?
Read the three Partnering pages then "Welcome Chance Intrusions"

How-To pages

     Some Tips for Teaching Dance   
     Guidelines for Dance Research and Reconstruction    
     Suggestions for Choreographing a Dance    
     Bringing Dances to Life Onstage    
     How to Be a Better Dance DJ   

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