For ten years the Stanford Vintage Dance Ensemble performed early versions of today's social dances.   The group was comprised of up to 85 Stanford students (at it's largest) with a wide variety of dance training and experience.
Vintage performed dances from many eras, in full costume, including the Regency Era, 1830s Paris, the mid-19th century dance craze, Ragtime, Roaring Twenties, the Swing Era and the dances of today and beyond (Radical Vintage).
Performances included Stanford's Ragtime and Viennese Balls, the Big Dance, a concert at the Smithsonian Institution, the filming of "Spring Awakenings" plus exhibitions in Japan, Paris, Prague and St. Petersburg.
Many of the dances and dancers of the Vintage Dance Ensemble continue today within Danse Libre, Swingtime and decadance.

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Photos by Patrick Tower