Photos from past Prague Vintage Dance Weeks


One of the most beautiful cities in the world.


The closing 19th century ball.


And this is where the ball will be this year:

There will also be a Jazz Age Ball.  This is what dancing looked like in Prague during the 1920s:

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Waltz, polka, quadrilles, 19th century mazurka, Regency Era dances, Ragtime dances, early Russian tango, Jazz Age dances, historical blues, and more!

Some of the past excursions and events at the Prague Vintage Dance Weeks:


A steam train to the countryside.


Dancing at a beer garden, and on a boat cruise.


Dancing at the riverfront, and a dancing car added to the back of the train back to Prague.

Richard & Tracey's wedding at Bertramka, ten years ago.

Join us for their tenth anniversary this year!

Jitka singing a Czech good night song, accompanied by Richard.