T   H   E        2   0   1   0         S   T   A   N   F   O   R   D

Friday  October  22

9 pm to 1 am in the Roble Dance Studio

Live Music by the The Swing Solution Big Band
playing Swing, Waltz, Salsa, Tango, Cha Cha, Polka and more

Dance Exhibitions by
Swingtime        Danse Libre        Decadance        Swing Cats       Stanford Ceili Dance

Tickets are only $15 for Stanford students, $25 for others.
Tickets available at the door (if it's not sold out) and in the social dance classes.

Vintage, swing, retro or dressy attire will be admired but is optional.

Come alone, with friends, or with a date.
Bringing your favorite partner is sweet but not the only way to have fun dancing.

Held at the Roble Dance Studios, Stanford University (map)

Proceeds benefit student scholarships.

This year's team:
Acata Felton - Co Chair
Sonya Chaudhry Co Chair
Gerentt Chan - Refreshments Chair
Anna Rosales - Refreshments Assistant
Carolin Chen - Tickets & Publicity
Jonathan Poto - Webmaster
Christina Kao - Games & Prizes
Jane Huang - Games & Prizes
Laura Zehender - Entertainment Manager
Tonya Yu - Entertainment Manager
JJ Liu - Entertainment Manager
Layne Novak - Refreshments Assistant
Lauren Biscome - Refreshments Assistant
Molly O'Connor - Refreshments Assistant
Mi Lee - Refreshments Assistant
Amy Chen - Decorations Manager