Dad, Philip Henry Powers Jr.  (Not PHP IV because his father didn't call himself the 3rd)    1921
at Auburn with the Powers relatives — Aunt Kate, Great Gran Powers and Aunt Macky

At home in Pittsburgh

G-Mom's family
Top row:
    Jean Scarlett Pennock, G-Mom's cousin, daughter of John & Mary Pennock (below her)
      Jane R. Scott, G-Mom's sister
        Horace S. Scott, G-Mom's brother
          Dr. S. Horace Scott, G-Mom's father
Bottom row:
    Charles John Pennock, G-Mom's uncle
      Mary Scarlett Pennock, G-Mom's aunt
        Mary's sister Annie Chandler Scarlett Scott, G-Mom's mother
          Philip H. Powers Jr.
            Margaret Scott Powers, G-Mom

Grandmothers Powers and Scott, 1922

With Great Gran Powers