C   O   U   P   L   E      D   A   N   C   I   N   G   !

Tuesday nights  January 16 to February 20, 2018

A six-week series of social dance classes
held at the First United Methodist Church, downtown Palo Alto

(only 12 minutes from campus by bike, 8 minutes by car)

Taught by Richard Powers and Mirage Marrou Greene

Registration updates:
The 7pm class has a short waiting list for men/Leads; 9pm has a longer waiting list for men/Leads.
Two of the classes are 90% filled but all three classes still have room for a few more couples, and also for women/Follows registering alone.
Many women/Follows come alone and enjoy dancing with a constant rotation of partners.

   Introduction to TANGO 
     Taught by Mirage & Caroline Ho 
 7 pm   Tame the Tango! This dramatic and nuanced dance is
  friendly and accessible, without losing authenticity.
  Beginners & experienced dancers will enjoy this class.
   Mastering the 

     Taught by Richard & Mirage 
 8 pm  Waltz, reverse, redowa, on-the-fly variations and more.
 The best preparation for the Stanford Viennese Ball.
 For those who know a waltz of any kind.  Bring a friend!
   The Fast Track to LINDY HOP 
     Taught by Richard & Mirage 
 9 pm  The most popular form of swing in the Bay Area.
 The next step for those who already know some swing.
 From A to Z—from the basics to dazzling permutations.

       $35 for students     $50 for non-students     for each of the three courses.

       Each of the three courses includes six Tuesday night classes.

       Take one, two, or all three courses (7, 8 and/or 9 pm).

       Once you've made the drive, stay for a second or third class!
       Three of these classes costs as much as one at most ballroom studios.

       Come with or without a partner.

           Register here.

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For further information, e-mail richard (at) richardpowers (dot) com