April 10 to May 22, 2018

A seven-week series of social dance classes
held at the First United Methodist Church, downtown Palo Alto
(only 12 minutes from campus by bike, 8 minutes by car)

Taught by Richard Powers

   Introductory Club Dances  
 7 pm    These two compliment each other nicely.  One is
  sweetly romantic and the other is energized fun. 
  You can dance to most popular music with these.
  A great way to begin dancing.  Bring a friend! 
   Intermediate to Advanced 
 8 pm   This is a very creative year for cross-step waltz,  
  with innovations arising from around the world.
  Learn some classics and variations new this year.
  For those who know a waltz of any kind.  
   The Fast Track to 
 9 pm   Everything you need to get started, expand your 
  options, and then get fancy with new moves and
  great styling.  For those who know any Swing.
  This is the fastest-growing dance in the Bay Area! 

       $40 for students     $55 for non-students     for each of the three courses.
       The same prices as last Fall's seven-week series.

       Each of the three courses includes seven Tuesday night classes.

       Take one, two, or all three courses (7, 8 and/or 9 pm).

       Once you've made the drive, stay for a second or third class!
       Three of these classes costs as much as one at most ballroom studios.

       Come with or without a partner.

              Register here.

Introducing Rocky Aikens!

Photo by Mirage Marrou Greene

Rocky is one of Richard's Stanford students and is also partnering his daytime Stanford classes Spring Quarter.
She is from Philadelphia and is a very accomplished social dancer, especially in West Coast Swing.
Mirage is excited to have Rocky take over partnering Richard's classes this quarter (and Richard is too).

Where is Mirage?

After eleven years of partnering and teaching social dance, Mirage has decided to focus full-time on her
path toward a self-initiated career in the Enneagram of Personality.  She is thrilled to use her teaching
skills in a new way, and put her psychology degree to work.  If you would like to know more, get typed,
or participate in a panel, please reach out to miragemarrou@gmail.com.

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For further information, e-mail richard (at) richardpowers (dot) com