October 2 to November 13
Skipping October 30th

A six-week series of partnered social dance classes
held at the First United Methodist Church, downtown Palo Alto
(only 12 minutes from campus by bike, 8 minutes by car)

Taught by Richard Powers

            GET READY!
   Introduction to WALTZ 

 7 pm   Cross-Step, Rotary and Viennese Waltz.
  The most romantic partner dance of all.
  Get ready now for dance parties, weddings,
  FNW, and the Stanford Viennese Ball!
             GET SET!
   Introduction to SWING DANCING 
         This class is filled, sorry.
 8 pm   4-count, 6-count and Triple Swing. This is
  the playful swing, danced to faster, high
  energy music such as Big Band and Rock 'n
  Roll. Bring a friend or two—they'll thank you. 
   Fast Track to TANGO 
   Take your dancing to the next level.
 9 pm  Go quickly from basic tango to new figures,
 styling and the latest twists. This nuanced
 and dramatic dance is friendly and accessible,
 without losing authenticity.

       $35 for students     $50 for non-students     for each of the three courses.

       Each of the three courses includes six Tuesday night classes.

       Take one, two, or all three courses (7, 8 and/or 9 pm).

       Once you've made the drive, stay for a second or third class!
       Three of these classes costs as much as one at most ballroom studios.

       Come with or without a partner.

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Partnered by Rocky Aikens!

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For further information, e-mail richard (at) richardpowers (dot) com