C O U P L E   
D A N C I N G   

Tuesday night classes taught by

Richard Powers and Mirage Marrou Greene

at the First United Methodist Church   

Introduction to TANGO      7 pm       

 Tame the tango!  Tango is dramatic, nuanced, and advanced, but in six comprehensive weeks, we will make it straightforward, accessible and friendly, without losing any of the authenticity!  We will focus on concepts that will grow your understanding of each role, as well as focus on details that will take your dancing to a new level, inside and out.

 Afraid tango will make you feel like a poser?  Don't be!  We will teach simple, applicable ways to ramp up your authentic tango style in every move you make, without feeling like a pretender.  Impress your partner with or without the rose in your teeth.

 If you want the true social dance experience, that where the entire world fades away and it is just you, your partner, and the music, tango is absolutely the social dance form to learn.  "Tango is about being in the moment, with the music; and responding to your partner, and the particular feeling and momentum in [their] body in any one moment. It's a very concentrated thing; you can't think about anything else while you are doing it." - Alan Lee.  Come melt into the music and the heartbeat of your partner with the tango.  Over six comfortable weeks, you will learn to drop the insecurity, the pretense, the fear, and just dance.

 Tango has quite the interesting history.  Alan Lee describes it, "There are all kinds of mysteries, myths and stories about how tango started and developed. It was first of all considered really low-life, almost reptilian. Something to be avoided and not talked about. And then it became this world-wide phenomena."  Pay homage to the storied past of the tango in this class, as we move from simple to more complicated steps in time.

 Tango will improve your dancing in every other dance form.  It's like the ballet of social dance; just dancing it can improve fundamentals and increase partnering ability in every other ballroom dance. Get better in everything without even trying by signing up for our tango series today!

  Prerequisite: None, come as you are!


   Beyond the steps—to the magic of the
most romantic partner dance.

 This is the way to prepare for the Stanford Viennese Ball on February 9th.

 This is always the largest Tuesday night class of the year.  It goes beyond learning the steps, to mastering them.

 Several kinds of waltzing will be covered, including the original waltz from the Strauss Era, reverse (modern ballroom Viennese waltz), leap waltz, polka, and the redowa—the closest thing to flying on a dance floor.

 The focus this year will be on-the-fly waltz variations, meaning spontaneous possibilities that can be intuitively led and followed.  Waltz playtime!  25 variations in six weeks!

 Plus two new Viennese waltz steps that let you dance to the fastest hyperspeed music with ease, while keeping up with the flow around the room.

 To help you master everything, Richard sends you complete email descriptions of each class.  And even though they're now in Austin, Nick and Melissa make videos of every variation.

 If you already know these variations, bring a friend who only knows a basic waltz.  This is a great way to introduce someone to the wide world of waltz variations.

 Prerequisite: Familiarity with a basic waltz of any kind (polka also counts).  The basics will be covered before moving on to the finer points and variations.

Intermediate to Advanced       The Fast Track to LINDY HOP      9 pm       

 Jump into some 8-count Lindy Hop with this fun class.  Here in the Bay Area and other swing hotspots you'll usually find that Lindy Hop dominates the dance floor.  Be ready for Wednesday Night Hop, FNW, and that next summer wedding you're invited to!

 After a quick review of the basics, we will introduce some new figures and footwork.  Then the tempo will pick up to the speed you'll find around the Bay Area.

 Lindy Hop is actually a family of several kinds of moves—swingout variations, Charleston kick variations, Lindy Circle variations, send-out variations, steps and variations done in place, and more.  With six classes, we will develop each of these into the full matrix of Lindy.  You'll never be bored with Lindy Hop!

 Already know a lot of Lindy Hop?  This is the perfect way to remind yourself of some figures you may have forgotten and you'll also become more comfortable with any swing you've already learned.  You're not a Swing Kid until it feels spontaneously natural.  Here's your chance to get there.

 For Stanford students, Lindy hop is a core dance in Social Dance 2, which isn't offered until next April.  Here's your chance to learn it now and be ahead of the curve.

 Enjoy some stress relief at the same time – the perfect mid-week dance fix!  Swing is the most forgiving and joyous social dance.  You can't be in a bad mood when you're swing dancing!

  Prerequisites: some familiarity with any kind of swing, a fun-loving attitude, and lots of enthusiasm.

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