Teaching Partners

Richard's teaching partners are essential to the success of his classes.  Besides showing the follow's steps and style, they are his second pair of eyes to notice what students are or aren't getting.  And occasionally it's important to show how not to do a dance figure.  The top priority of Richard's teaching partners is that students succeed in mastering the dances, so they take time before, during and after classes to answer individual questions and assist with helpful pointers.

Angela Amarillas has assisted Richard in his classes and workshops for the past 21 years and was Stanford University's first Dance Minor.  Angela is a graceful dancer who shares Richard's passion for historical and vernacular social dance.  Angela has also been instrumental in planning the content and philosophies of Richard's classes, especially the Waltz Weekends.

Richard and Angela have taught and performed in Paris, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Venice, London and St. Petersburg as well as across the U.S. and Canada.

Richard and Angela in 1993.                                     Painting by Manuel G. Avendano.

    Mirage Marrou has been assisting Richard in his social dance classes for the past seven years.  She has been dancing since the age of three, and her dance experience has included social ballroom, tap, ballet, jazz, ballet folklorico, Irish, hip hop and Broadway.  Mirage has also assisted Richard's workshops in Paris, Geneva and Moscow.

Tracey Powers occasionally partners her husband's classes and workshops, including Friday Night Waltz and in Rome.  Tracey is a software engineer at Google, an amazing cook, and brilliant.

                                                                                          Photo by Jason Chuang
Tracey and Angela are also the best of friends.

A reunion of most of Richard's Stanford teaching partners for the past 20 years.
Kari Doyle, Angela, Richard, Campbell Miller, Maria Reese, Meg Kale and Tina Wong Lee.
Not pictured: Lisa Love and Mirage Marrou.