A few photos

Nathaniel and Evan at the Stanford Viennese Ball over the years

Fifteen years after that first photo, Dad gave Nathaniel a Mercedes 450 SLC sports coupe, and Evan his first electric guitar.

W.J.C. and R.T.P. at Chelsea Clinton's private graduation party.

In 2011 Richard led a team of 20 of his dancers at the Spoleto festival in Italy.  See more here.


Sweethearts.  Tracey is a senior software engineer at Google, an amazing cook (they met while cooking) and more.  Married eight years.


Angela Amarillas has been partnering Richard's classes continually for the past twenty years (!).

Angela and Tracey stretching in Prague.  Tracey and Angela are the best of friends.

Angela and Evan playing guitars at home.


Mirage Marrou has been partnering Richard's classes for the past seven years.


At left, Savoy Lindy hopper Norma Miller's book tour, Feb. 2010, when she had turned 90.  Richard wrote a chapter of her book.
The photo on the right is 8 years earlier, when Richard brought Norma with him to teach in France.

Richard Powers and Richard Powers.  The novelist and his wife Jane came over for a wonderful dinner.

Richard meeting Cab Calloway at the airport in his Studebaker, 1981

The Powers home in Emerald Hills, the hills near Woodside that overlook the Bay.

and the sunny kitchen

and library of dance manuals.

Then for relaxing, a Carpenter Gothic hot tub solarium in the back yard.

Friends over for food, wine and music

Bad Movie Night

The view is wonderful.  It's quiet day and night... just birds and crickets.

The view panning to the left, with fog covering Silicon Valley at sunrise.  Google and Apple are under there somewhere.

The same range at noon.

and approaching sunset.


Trogdor.  He was raised by a dog, but doesn't quite sit up like a dog.  (Or a cat either.)

He also falls sound alseep sitting up.  That's Fonzie in the back, sleeping like a normal cat.


The gardeners.