New Underarm Turns and Free Spins in Waltz

Richard Powers, Grand Hotel Vintage Dance Week, 2013

First we reviewed and fine-tuned Rotary (Natural Turn) Waltz.


1-2-3: Rotary Waltz half-turn. 4-5-6: Walking, Lead facing LOD, backing the Follow.

1-2-3: Follow's Inside Turn, to Open Position (side-by-side). He releases his R arm with a forward pushing action, rotating her CCW, count 1, then his L hand comes INTO the frame on count 2 to turn her CCW. She steps back R, forward L, back R (open pivot steps), traveling LOD. 4-5-6: Follow finished turning while traveling forward LOD in the inside lane.

1-2-3: Follow's Outside Turn to Closed Waltz Position. He carefully turns her CW by lowering the connecting hand on count 1, letting her R arm be fairly straight, then circling her head on counts 2 and 3. She steps forward R, back L, forward R, traveling LOD, ending in closed waltz position with the Follow backing. 4-5-6: Second half of a Rotary waltz, beginning with the Follow stepping back L, Lead forward R.

Once again this is a 6-bar figure, so if you do one rotary waltz first, it resolves by the 8th bar.


On the final 4-5-6: Same as above except he leads her a little more into the outside lane. If she doesn't travel into the outside lane, he moves himself into the inside lane. On the final 4-5-6: The Lead lowers the connecting hand a little early and leads her into a Follow's CW Free Spin. She takes very small pivoting steps back L, forward R, back L, ending forward R into a waltz by the next count 1. He passes her by in the inside lane, ready to catch her in a waltz by the next 1.


Do the Inside-Outside Turns With A Free Spin, beginning with the extra two bars of Rotary Waltz (i.e., backing the Follow on the 4th bar), Then on the final 4-5-6, the Follow spins forward LOD in the outside lane as the Lead stays in place and looks back to catch the Follow behind him for the beginning waltz.