Cross-Step Waltz Mixer

   Music: Any slow waltz tune, between 112 and 118 beats per minute.

  • In a large circle, all do a turning basic Cross-Step Waltz traveling Line of Direction for 4 bars (2 full rotations)

  • Facing into the center of the room with the Follow on the right side, all take hands in a large circle and step forward one bar (his R, her L) and back (opposite foot) one bar.   An optional tradition is to glance at your next partner-to-be on the forward step and glance at the partner you are leaving on the backing step.

  • Lead turns the next Follow (at his left side) under his raised L arm with an Inside Turn:  She cross-steps L over R, places her right shoulder forward under the arched arms and turns under CCW while he cross-steps R over L and passes behind her into her place while facing her (1 bar).

  • Then both take a cross-step (his L, her R) toward the outside wall, she passes strongly in front of him and pulls her right shoulder back to take waltz position at the last moment, both facing Line of Direction.

    Repeat from the beginning with this new partner.

    Sequence choreographed by Richard Powers and Angela Amarillas.

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    © 1998, 2003 Richard Powers