Stanford Dance at Spoleto - 2

The Dance Performance

The main stage at the Spoleto Festival is in the Piazza Duomo, the plaza in front of the cathedral.  Here are photos of other concerts on this stage:


The Stanford group performed seven of the ten dances at the Sesquicentennial concert.  Roma 800 performed two dances, then both groups together did freestyle waltzing.

Waltz Cotillion

Schottische Quadrille

Bohemian National Polka

Five-Step Waltz

Triplet Galop Quadrille


Russian Mazurka Quadrille


Here is the next day's article in IL MESSAGGERO, Italy's national newspaper.
The headline reads:  "Dance steps in the plaza. Many dancers have come from San Francisco."

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Photos of the ball at the castle.
Photos of the private ball.

Photos by Kelly Troiano, Wylie Pang, Jason Chuang and Jason Anderson.