Reconstructed and choreographed by Richard Powers, based on a description by Charles Durang
in his FASHIONABLE DANCER'S CASKET, Philadelphia 1856

This is the five-figure original version of the quadrille.
Richard's modified two-figure version, to serve as a performance for an audience, is here.

Description and Music
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     Mazurka Steps   
     All 5 Figures of Durang's Russian Mazourka Quadrilles   
     Video of all 5 Figures of the Russian Mazourka Quadrilles
     Music for Russian Mazourka Quadrille Figure 1   
     Russian Mazourka Quadrille Figure 2   
     Russian Mazourka Quadrille Figure 3   
     Russian Mazourka Quadrille Figure 4   
     Russian Mazourka Quadrille Figure 5   
     Those are on Lexington Vintage Dance's
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