Thoughts, philosophies and musings on social dance

by Richard Powers, Stanford Dance Division

     Going out Dancing   
           Partnering 1: Everyone Is Different   
           Partnering 2: Great Partnering   
           Partnering 3: Connection   
           Partnering 4: Sketchy Guys   
     The Three Worlds of Ballroom Dance   
     Social Dance to Succeed in a Competitive Marketplace   
     Welcome Chance Intrusions!   
     Oops! Sorry!  Thoughts on Mistakes in Social Dance   
     Use It or Lose It: Dancing Makes You Smarter   
     The Worst Thing Is To Miss It   
     Fred Astaire's advice for partner dancing   
     Dancing and the Dream State   
     Flexible Doesn't Mean Sloppy   
     Conditional Learning - the power of uncertainty   
     Transcendent Play   

How-To pages

     Some Tips for Teaching Dance   
     Guidelines for Dance Research and Reconstruction    
     Suggestions for Choreographing a Dance    
     Bringing Dances to Life Onstage    
     How to Be a Better Dance DJ   

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