Dance Descriptions
for dances taught by Richard Powers at the
2019 Château de Ligoure Stage

These are either Web pages, videos, or pdfs that you can view, download or print out.
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Marie possède toutes mes musiques .

     Cinderella Waltz Mixer   
     Web page on Cross-Step Waltz   
     Ligoure Cross-Step Waltz Variations   
     The Moochi, 1930  
     1924 Tango Creole   
     1917 Lulu Fox-Trot   
     1828 Royal Spanish Quadrilles   
     The Queen's Waltz Quadrille   
     Video of Queen's Waltz Quadrille   
     The Role of a Nineteenth Century Dance Master 
     The Stroll  
     1963 Jazz Waltz Mixer   
     Video of the Jazz Waltz Mixer   
     1957 Chalypso   
     1966 Golden Slippers Mixer   
     Original 1959 Madison line dance   
     Le Carillon, a 19th century Mixer     
     The Kirov Waltz Variations   

Other workshops, and more

     Richard's collection of dance manuals   
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     Upcoming Dance Workshops   
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